Our unique cohort programs bring together small groups of founders at similar stages of the startup journey to explore a specific stage in interactive sessions that accompany self-paced thinking and planning tasks.

Our programs are a two-way-street – you learn not just from your mentors and facilitators, but from your fellow learners as you share challenges and ideas, and workshop solutions together.

Each program consists of four face-to-face (online) group sessions, plus 1:1 mentor sessions at the start and finish of the program.


$990.00  (inc GST for 1 founder  / 2 co-founders)


Work with a small cohort to explore the viability of your startup or product idea using the strategies employed by product managers in the world’s most successful startups.

Find your value proposition and understand your marketing positioning in a small cohort with added 1:1 mentor sessions. 

Program includes:


We’re proud to introduce our inaugural cohort program at The Product Bus – Validate Express.

Created for emerging and bootstrapping founders, this pre-accelerator program is designed to help get your startup idea validated without breaking the bank.

You’ll work with a facilitator and a small cohort using product management strategies to help you validate your ideas on a minimal budget.

During this cohort experience, you’ll learn how to develop confidence in your ideas through data and customer insights, and to avoid the trap of expensive builds and potential investors before you’re ready.

The program includes four 1-hour group sessions and two 1-hour individual mentorship sessions over Zoom, at a price of $990.00 including GST.

Cohorts will be kept to five to six participants, ensuring that you get dedicated attention and feedback to propel your startup forward.

Cohort #2 Applications Open: 18 December 2023

Cohort #2 Applications Close: EXTENDED TO 31 January 2024

Cohort #2 Commences: 12 February 2024



Validate Express is designed to help people in the early stages of considering a startup or product idea. This could be a brand new idea, a pivot from an existing idea, or an exploration of how to scale an existing service into a product. 

No. The principles behind the Product Mindset and Product Management Principles apply to any types of product – including physical products, turning consulting or training services into scaleable products, and more. If you’re not sure if your idea is the right fit for the program, book a call to chat to us about it. 

Validate Express is all about empowering founders with a strong understanding of the product mindset and how to apply the principles and strategies used by product managers in the world’s most successful startups. 

You’ll end the program with a clear understanding of the next steps to take with your idea, be it the insights you need to seek, a possible pivot that would make your idea more viable, or perhaps an understanding that it’s time to set this idea aside and dream up something else. 

You’ll take away strategies and tools that you can use to continue to work on your existing idea or apply to new projects. You’ll also finish with a network of fellow founders and mentors you can call on as you continue to navigate your startup journey!

All of the sessions are conducted over Zoom and the group session times will be determined based on the schedules of the participants.

To start and finish the experience, you’ll have a 1:1 session with a mentor that will help you prepare going in to the experience and process your next steps as you finish. 

In between, you’ll have four group sessions, each with some work to do in between as you take the concepts we’re covering and apply them to your idea. 

If you have a working prototype but are still unsure of your positioning in the market or the commercial viability of your idea, then absolutely!

Our cohorts are led by The Product Bus team who bring experience both as founders and as seasoned product managers in previous startups covering B2B / B2C and SaaS. We’ll be announcing mentors for this cohort round shortly.